KDevelop and upstream frustration

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Fri Nov 23 01:59:52 UTC 2012

Some days ago I had a chat on IRC regarding the current policy of putting
bugfix releases in a repository waiting to be blessed for entrance in the
repositories that end-users use.

I'm unsure how it works in general, but from my point of view of KDevelop
maintainer it's getting frustrating. We had an unfortunate problem that
didn't hit the Kubuntu package and the fixed package hasn't entered yet
(after 1 month?), even though I've been told that it's packaged somewhere,
so AFAIU the problem is that it's there to be tested and there's nobody
with enough authority to push that change.

What I'd like to ask with this mail is what should I do to have enough
authority for having the latest KDevelop patch release in the main
repository. I understand that what you need is testing, so maybe I need to
use a different repository (although that doesn't sound very good to me,
since then I won't be sure what version are the end-users using) or maybe I
need some kind of badge, but I think Kubuntu users deserve to have the bugs
we spend our time fixing as soon as possible and I'd like to help for that
to happen.


PS: I guess that this will be the case for the most upstream but they
probably just don't know.
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