Debugging symbols for KDE PPA packages

Philip Muskovac yofel at
Sat May 26 22:08:23 UTC 2012

While we packaged the git splitup in KDE, we decided that providing -dbg 
packages for a few packages wouldn't be worth it. Now, while that (probably) 
makes sense for stable releases, I don't believe it makes any sense for BETA 
packages. And I have at least [1] open bug report about missing debugging 
symbols in the PPA's. So if we want to provide 4.9 packages in the beta ppa 
for precise, we need a solution.

This is what I believe we could do:
A)     Force generation of -dbgsym packages by patching pkg-create-dbgsym
	 and pkgbinarymangler. I haven't quite figured that out yet though.

B)	Just add the missing -dbg packages.

My problem with A is that it requires additional PPA space, even if we improve 
the compression because many packages would have their debugging symbols 
B is more work, and would cause a larger diff for all affected packages.

Does someone else have another idea how this could be done? Otherwise we could 
have a vote what to use in the end. (BEFORE we backport 4.8.80 to precise if 



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