Making folderview as default for all new users

Flavio Moringa flavio.moringa at
Fri May 4 13:15:40 UTC 2012

I guys,

maybe you can help me out here.

In Kubuntu 11.10 I managed to configure
so that all the users I created had as default the "folderview" layout and
not the upstream "Desktop" layout, as also have the widgets locked by

It was relatively easy to do... I just configured a user the way I liked
it, an then copied it's plasma-desktop-appletsrc (without the geometry
entries) to

But in 12.04 it doesn't work... it doesn't do anything... it's like the
file isn't even there....

What changed? Any thoughts or help? Any other way to do this?

Thanks a lot

Your's trully

*Flávio Moringa*
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