KDE Telepathy or Kopete

Dave Morley davmor2 at davmor2.co.uk
Tue Mar 27 16:00:21 UTC 2012

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On 27/03/12 16:47, Alex Fiestas wrote:
> If we decide to ship ktp, then we should release 0.4 and provide
> updates some how to 0.5 since afaik ktp development team haven't
> release any minor release ever (maybe they start doing so in 0.4).

Ask yourself this question first,  which is likely to be around for
the next 5 years if you are following ubuntu's lts policy of 5 years
on the desktop?

If kopete is likely to die completely in 12 months time then you guys
are left supporting it alone for a further 4 years.  My suggestion
would be to go with the one actively being support and improved rather
than the one that might not be here.

Empathy on gnome was shipped whilst it and telepathy were still fairly
unknown however it has matured a lot (still sucks for irc but it is a
hell of a lot better than it was) the under lying telepathy stuff is
fairly stable and very rarely breaks here in gnome and when it does
most of the time it is empathy's fault or a change in the servers api
ie when facebook moved to jabber for example.

THe decision is obviously yours but I thought I'd add my 2 pennies
worth I hope it helps :)

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