a little experiment

Jacek N jacek99 at nykis.net
Tue Mar 13 20:00:00 UTC 2012


On 13 March 2012 08:38, Nowardev-Team <nowardev at gmail.com> wrote:
> i have seen it hahahahahha
> you crazy boy :D nice stuff
> what i can't undestand it's  why kubuntu is so hated like kde distro , i
> have seen  a lots of italian linux user that has commented that kubuntu is a
> mess.
> the only thing i can say of kubuntu it's
> the browser just sucks and it should not
> semantic desktop should not be there by default
> if kubuntu could be lighter it will just break the others distro
> probably kubuntu could be successful creating something like
> kubuntu light
> kubuntu full
> kubuntu phone
> kubuntu tablet
> another side it's the design
> for me kubuntu has bad default wallpaper
> bad color
> it's not they are not pretty it' s like i dunno how to say ... maybe like a
> city car vs bugatti veyron  ?

Do you think it would be worth having a survey link on the desktop on
live CD? We could ask about what people would like to see in the new
releases, what if anything caused problems and so on?
It would be invasive but maybe having a popup with survey link if
somebody powers off live CD without installing would help. We could
ask whether they were considering installation and why it they did not
decide to use it?


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