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Seems you are trying to be truly agile with a system that isn't :p I
have lost my fan-ness of the tools used during the development process
in the Ubuntu world myself. It is as fragmented as Linux is these
days. I have never been a fan of the blueprint system. I am a fan of
the idea, but not a fan of the implementation. When I was really
active, I hated the fact I had to jump between LP, Wiki, Revu/Harvest,
and that other Ubuntu development site.

Speaking of the work items, the other day I was going through them to
see how I could lend a hand, because once again, I am interested in
offering up some free time to work on Kubuntu. After less than 5
minutes, I lost any and all enthusiasm at that time. I understand the
need for burndown charts, but now that we are kind of our own thing
now, why not research other tools that will benefit us, and not the
managers at Canonical?

While I was away from Kubuntu, I did work on various projects in the
web app world and Android world. I got to use and learn other tools
out there that helped with development. In my time outside of this
community, I became a fan of tools like Trac (I know we wouldn't
consider this because of our strong ties to LP) and Trello (this would
be a great tool for tracking work items). With a little django magic
we could always create our own tools as well.

The only problem is this adds to my original complaint and the
fragmentation. Now that we are community-based, do we really need to
worry about burndown charts? Was anyone in the community remotely
interested or even reviewed the actual chart? If not, I say format the
work items page that works best for us, not best for somebody else.

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