seed changes in quantal

Felix Geyer debfx at
Fri Jun 22 16:06:10 UTC 2012

On 22.06.2012 12:28, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Some seed changes I've made:
> skanlite - requested at UDS and various times by users
> kamoso - requested at UDS and equates to cheese on ubuntu
> libreoffice -> calligra - experimental for now, people will moan about inability to save in MS Office formats, but libreoffice is just as buggy I feel, MS Office import is better in calligra, fits in better with the KDE 

Please make calligra optional (i.e. recommends instead of depends) as libreoffice was.

> kopete -> kde-telepathy - it's maintained

Kopete is still in the kickoff favorite applications.

> kdm -> lightdm - likewise

Imho lightdm-kde still has critical bugs that make it unfit for Kubuntu
so I would have waited until they are addressed.

> language-selector dropped, patch added to kcm locale to install language packs

This seems like another rushed change without discussion. The new solution
doesn't support installing translation packages for anything other than the
default Kubuntu applications. Support for installing input methods, dictionaries
and also setting the system language is completely missing.
Even when Ubuntu ditches the language-selector frontend the data currently
provided by /usr/share/language-selector/data/pkg_depends will still be available.


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