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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Jun 22 14:29:38 UTC 2012

On Friday, June 22, 2012 11:28:30 AM Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> libreoffice -> calligra - experimental for now, people will moan about
> inability to save in MS Office formats, but libreoffice is just as buggy I
> feel, MS Office import is better in calligra, fits in better with the KDE
> focused aspect of Kubuntu

Consider the moaning to have started then.  If this is the path we're on, then 
what's the answer to the question, "How do I get an MS Office format document so 
I can send it to someone?"  

I've found this doesn't just affect me, but also my children as they have to 
turn in word and powerpoint files routinely for homework assignments.  I have 
one child starting University soon and the University's computer requirements 
were that you could bring any computer you wanted as long as it had MS Office.

For documents that will only exist electronically locally, ODF is great, but 
it's not on any practical basis a means for exchange of files which is more and 
more how documents are managed.

If there's a decent converter that we can install so that someone can click on 
an icon and convert it, maybe that's good enough, but the ability to save if 
Office formats is not optional.

Scott K

P.S. Nothing against Calligra as an application.  I've started using Calligra 
Words a fair amount and am coming to like it, but I still have to us LO to 
convert the files to .doc when I'm done.

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