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Subject: Re: QA Community & Flavors Roundtable

   If you haven't yet had time to add your preference to the doodle poll
   below, please do so now. I'm going to finalize the time and mail out to
   everyone on Monday next week so we can all plan accordingly. Thanks again


   On 05/31/2012 03:10 PM, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:

     Hello everyone! I am writing this email to you in hopes we can all find
     a common time to meet during the month of June to discuss QA, specific
     to each of your teams. As part of UDS-Q, during the qa for flavors
     sessions, we discussed having a once (or perhaps twice) a cycle
     roundtable to discuss best practices and just to communicate needs
     and/or where we might be able to collaborate and help each other.

     So, it would be good to have a least one representative from each flavor
     or team come out to attend. We'll have some canonical QA folks on hand
     to answer questions as well. With that said, I'd like to get everyone's
     opinion on the best time to meet, and perhaps the venue as well. My
     thoughts on venue are to use IRC, #ubuntu-testing, and stream the
     desktop of any demos to everyone if needed. For time, check out this
     poll and let's see when everyone is available:


     If none of these times/dates work, please do suggest.

     Ohh, here's the agenda as it stands, feel free to add to it -- I am
     planning 1 hour to meet, but we can extend it if the agenda gets too
       * collaboration on common application testing
       * how to leverage vm automated testing
       * open q & a session with canonical qa team members
     Thanks everyone,


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