[kubuntu-devel] Making IBus usable in Kubuntu

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Sat Jul 28 01:47:37 UTC 2012

On Saturday, July 28, 2012 09:44:17 AM Ma Xiaojun wrote:
> Hi, AWASHIRO Ikuya.
> I think two independent problems should both be fixed.
> 1. Bug 854333, making IBus's origin UI usable in Kubuntu
> 2. Making Kimpanel in Ubuntu's official repository usable for IBus
> Both problems are not very hard, but it seems that related Ubuntu
> developer is not responding.
> Anyway, it is nice to see your PPA for Kimpanel. I'd like to spread it
> in Chinese Ubuntu community.

Personally, I'd like to get IM working well, unfortunately I don't know enough 
about it to really get to the bottom of it.  I appreciate the input from 
people who know more about these things.

Scott K

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