Are bugs triaged at kubuntu-ppa?

Thomas Olsen thomas at
Fri Jan 27 16:14:18 UTC 2012

On Friday 27 January 2012 16:53 Harald Sitter wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 4:29 PM, Thomas Olsen <thomas at> wrote:
> > On Friday 27 January 2012 16:19 Harald Sitter wrote:
> >> They are not monitored by kubuntu-bugs IIRC. Then again all bugs
> >> everywhere are undertriaged. Then again most bugs in kubuntu-ppa (or
> >> actually generally) are not Kubuntu bugs but upstream, and if they are
> >> Kubuntu then they usually get triaged and fixed rather quickly.
> > 
> > So in general I might as well report upstream to start with? One of the
> > issues I reported is probably an upstream bug, but I guess you customize
> > the KDE start up script? Is it still called startkde?
> Yes, you should report to upstream unless you are in doubt and think
> it might be a Kubuntu issue. That said, if more people were triaging
> bugs different workflows come to mind, plus general bug response time
> would be better.
> As for your two bugs... the one about nepomuk might be a version
> incompatibility between nepomuk/soprano/virtuoso,

I think you are right about that. After starting re-indexing it doesn't seem 
to spit out that many errors. I'll give it a day or so to chew through the HDs 

> and the one about no
> logout seems like KDM fails to restart. Which would make former a
> possible Kubuntu bug a possible upstream bug.
> That is after having looked at them for like 10 seconds, so that is
> nothing but a lucky guess.

I'll experiment a bit and report upstream on my findings. Thanks again.

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Olsen

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