lunchpad recipes for snapshot packages

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Wed Feb 29 06:32:22 UTC 2012

Good morning,

for print-manager packages I toyed a bit with lunchpad recipes and
find it quite handy for snapshots.

general lineup:
- git to bzr import
- packaging
- recipe

with kde moving to more atomic repos this seems a worthwhile way to do
snapshots. using the recipe we can snapshot a specific (bzr import)
revision which we know works sensibly well and spam a PPA with
packages for various distro series. now due to the atomicness of it
all the packaging of snapshots (which we usually do from
extragear/playground only) does not need changes a whole lot often. to
get a new snapshot deployed we only need to spam a new revision to
some PPA, test it and if good enough throw it at an official PPA.

for simple things this potentially could remove the overhead from
constantly having to manually get the source, tar it, and then play
the changelog-change-game to get it uploaded for multiple series.

what I am completely clueless about is how to do l10n, maybe someone
can think of an idea? perhaps recipes should be able to execute bash
code? of course then it would also need dep tracking or something
(i.e. svn needed to be installed in the chroot) so that seems a bit



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