work item style

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Tue Feb 28 00:27:44 UTC 2012


Here I am complaining about our work items (again), some of them are
really really really terrible.

> [kubuntu-members] Check if disabling krunner does save memory/log in time : TODO
Yes. Krunner & plugins link against libraries -> libraries must be
loaded from disk -> plugins must be loaded from disk -> krunner must
be loaded from disk ----> slow!
I do not quite get what the point of this WI is to begin with.
Obviously not running a program will save you memory (if you do not
turn on your pc you have 100% RAM at your disposal \o/) and if the
program is started on log in it obviously has impact on log in time.

> [kubuntu-members] Ask upstream KDE PIM on their recommendation of mysql vs sqlite: TODO
Mysql, they established that way back when they created akonadi with a
mysql backend only. The sqlite thing was only created for kontact
touch (which is also why the sqlite thing got integrated while they
worked on kontact touch...), in fact Volker explicitly wanted me to
acknowledge that the sqlite backend does not cut my expensive french
cheese on the desktop back when we packaged it.

> [kubuntu-members] consider replacing kopete with kde-telepathy by feature freeze: DONE

In case you do not find anything wrong with them - ask yourself what
exactly was created once all are marked DONE. Going only by the work
items, we are doing work that does not create anything. Jolly waste of
time. Each of those items is failing to communicate the idea behind -
why we would want to do that and what consequentially needs to be the
result that qualifies the work item as done.

Random guesses on what the items *could* be:
[kubuntu-members] Check if disabling krunner has considerable impact
on memory/log in time, iff so discuss and disable it
[kubuntu-members] Ask upstream KDE PIM on their recommendation of
mysql vs sqlite, change our defaults accordingly
[kubuntu-members] replace kopete with kde-telepathy by feature freeze
iff community is in favor

Of course all 3 of them could just as easily be research tasks. Even
so they are crap as they should go something like "go research on foo
and then publish the results your blog/ml/somewhere..."

One final FYI: all three items come from just *one* blueprint, i.e. I
did not even have to search for them.


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