Kubuntu Leadership Needs

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 20 13:15:13 UTC 2012

For discussion here is what leadership for Kubuntu needs to keep in
mind.  Leadership involves knowing people and their skills and
committment level to look for opportunities that they can be herded
towards.  It also means being a backup for when nobody else is taking
a necessary task.

- ~2 months before UDS conjole people into applying for UDS sponsorship (this is needed right now)
- ~1 month before UDS collect topics for discussion at UDS, distill those down into sensible sessions and register the sessions
- at UDS run sessions, ensure notes are taken, register more sessions as needed
- very shortly after UDS distill notes into work items

at the start of the cycle
- find people to merge/sync all kubuntu packages with debian as needed
- update to the beta/alpha of the next KDE SC release

during the cycle
- herd cats into implementing work items
- ensure Qt is maintained (this will be a bigger job with Qt 5 transition happening, I expect to be able to do it)
- update KDE SC packages and preferably backport (KDE Frameworks 5 will also add to this but not like KDE 4 did)
- update other KDE bits as released and preferably backport when useful
- keep seeds relevant
- keep an eye on CD images for being oversized/working
- maintain ubiquity and other KDE frontends to KDE as needed
- ensure package manager still works
- add stories to kubuntu.org as needed

during releases (including beta releases)
- find people to test CD images in all their multiple ways (see iso.qa.ubuntu.com)
- test CD images yourself
- liase with Kate and others to approve the release
- announce
- party

- repeat.

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