kde telepathy?

Ingo Ratsdorf ingo at envirology.co.nz
Thu Feb 16 00:03:19 UTC 2012

>> Not surprised that Kubuntu never made it into the corporate sector with the slowness of Akonadi on top and a desktop search that hangs you whole computer for 5 minutes at bootup.
>> Businesses do not have shiny new 8-core computers with 8 Gig of ram.
> Can we keep things on topic please without the trolling.

Sorry for the little diversion, I guess we have all come off the topic. If I recall, the topic was whether it should be shipped?

Yes, ship it and let people decide. If it's good, people will use it, if not, people will drop it.
And people will decide whether they ditch Kopete or Pidgin or whatever for it and whether no OTR and no Logs and no metacontacts are okay and worth the price.

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