kde telepathy?

David Edmundson david at davidedmundson.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 21:47:06 UTC 2012

> How is data migrated from Kopete?

It is not. Accounts isn't really an issue people only tend to have 3
at most and making new accounts is fricking easy. Migrating logs is
more of a pain, and 0.3 (which you're looking at shipping doesn't have
a log viewer)

> I want OTR support, but I understand that's not happening.

It is not in the near future.
I seriously don't see why everyone gets so het up about this, I've yet
to meet anyone who actually uses OTR, it only works if both parties
use it so it's only nerds talking to nerds.

> Does telepathy have KCM entries in systemsettings?

It does.

> Ship both

Shipping both would be confusing. Especially as it really makes sense
to have the presence applet load by default in the sys-tray.

> I feel SIPE would be a big win.

We have sipe. Install pidgin-sipe.

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