kde telepathy?

David Edmundson david at davidedmundson.co.uk
Tue Feb 14 16:58:58 UTC 2012

There seems to be a lot of misnomers here, so as the lead telepathy
dev I'll help clarify some things.

 - It all works, we support all protocols always as well, and normally
better than pidgin (as one of the backends is libpurple, but it's not
the only one)
 - Protocol support is better than any other app (except Empathy obviously)
 - There is a slight issue with the .cache/dconf directory not
existing. Worst case we can patch that in our code, though this isn't
the right place for it.
 - File transfer works (mostly, it depends a bit on the protocol and
the client at each end.)
 - Text chat (which is the vast majority of usage) works fine.
 - I've used it exclusively for over a year.

 - We have NO audio video support being shipped.
 - We have NO off the record support. (because apparently every user
discusses top secret plans over MSN all the time)

Tentative Future plan
0.3.1 coming at the end of the month. Fixes most bugs in current 0.3

0.4 is due in late April. This will contain lots of shiny new things,
so probably be a bit rough round the edges.
0.5 is due one week after KDE 4.9, this will be stabilising all the
things in 0.4.

"when will it be 1.0" ?
 That's just a name. One of the very original early developers
wouldn't let us call anything 1.0 without the overly complex
metacontacts plan, but he hasn't touched anything in a year so I don't
really care anymore. 0.3 was designed to be rock solid and stable,
like a proper release. Sure there are a few bug fixes needed since
0.3.0 but what is there should work, but it doesn't have everything
that Kopete has.

Should it be in  Kubuntu?
I think Precise + 1 should definitely ship KDE Telepathy.

Personally I think you're better off using it in Precise, there are
good reasons for doing so, but there are also some good reasons not
Realistically we're not going to maintain 0.3 after 0.5 is released
(unless there's anything critical), but then no-one is maintaining
Kopete at all, so that's still better.


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