Fwd: smooth tasks widget & KDE 4.8

Philip Muskovac yofel at gmx.net
Sun Feb 12 10:50:03 UTC 2012

Someone there that wants to do this? I've got other priorities currently.


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Subject: 	smooth tasks widget & KDE 4.8
Date: 	Sun, 12 Feb 2012 09:32:33 +0000 (GMT)
From: 	Amanda Lenn <akl7747 at ymail.com>
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I notice that you pushed a rebuild of the smooth-tasks taskbar against
KDE 4.8 into the KDE backports PPA, which failed to build with the
errors that everyone else has been getting when they try this.

I haven't seen a specific fix for the current fork that is based on, but
there appears to be one for for the flupp fork here:


It does work fine here.

Is it possible to switch to that as base, or fix the current base you
use in a similar way?

Icon tasks in KDE 4.8 is good, but it lacks features such as expanding
taskbar entries under some conditions, and there is no way to disable
automatic grouping. So if smooth tasks could build for the PPA then that
would be great.


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