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Michal Zajac quintasan at
Thu Feb 9 00:32:37 UTC 2012

Hi Damian,

You can find the newest version of packaging guide under [1]. We also have
a wiki page dedicated to that but as far as I am concerned it is not loner
maintained and may no longer contain the latest info but it still useful,
just google for "packaging ubuntu wiki" and it should be there. If there is
anything you have trouble with on your packaging journey we have some
friendly developers over at #kubuntu-devel @ (myself
included) who will surely be able to assist you.


Best regards,
08-02-2012 23:27 użytkownik "Damian" <dgordon1403 at> napisał:

> Good day to all who is reading this message I am aware that a LTS is
> around the corner, and I have been searching around to find updated
> information on how to contribute to Kubuntu by  becoming a packager if that
> is correct. So if anyone is free to express or explain just the
> fundamentals or just point me in the right direction I will be on my way to
> search for the needed information thanks for your assistance.
> --
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