Business Cards design poll - take 2

Michal Zajac quintasan at
Mon Dec 24 21:26:21 UTC 2012

Well, since I got a little bit too carried away by Christmas mood (read: I
did absloutely nothing) I forgot to close the poll this Saturday but I did
close it today. I don't think the results are any different from the
previous poll but the manner in which it was carried out seems more
professional. Without any further babbling from my side, here are the

2., loses to by 5–4
3., loses to by 5–4
4., loses to by 7–1

The winner is the design by Szymon Kołodziejczyk. Please do note that this
poll does not make the decision final as this needs to be confirmed by our
dear Kubuntu Council.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
15 gru 2012 15:01, "Michal Zajac" <quintasan at> napisał(a):

> Hello fellow developers,
> Unfortunately I accidentally the whole poll about that and it has be
> re-made. Besides I feel that the first attempt was executed poorly.
> What is this about? We came to conclusion that we need business cards, so
> we asked community for designs and now, that we got some designs, we need
> to pick one.
> I have set up CIVS poll so you can vote on which design you think should
> be our design for business cards:
> The poll will be closed next Saturday, 22th of December 2012
> While all Kubuntu Members can vote, please note that the final decision
> will be made by Kubuntu Council.
> Best regards,
> Michał
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