Add hplip-gui to Kubunto ISO?

Dale Trombley buzzmandt at
Wed Aug 15 11:14:09 UTC 2012

I've always touted kubuntu as being the better one

I have an hp wireless all in one, wireless scanning has never worked for me
in kubuntu. I do have hplip-gui installed.

I fired up last nights daily build of ubuntu and wireless scanning works
without any fidling.  When connecting the printer wirelessly it said
downloading driver. As far as I could tell it installed hplip instead of

Not a deal breaker for me but certainly could be for some.

Is there a way to have kubuntu download the better driver if it sees that
the internet has been connected ala ubuntu?
On Aug 15, 2012 4:32 AM, "Ma Xiaojun" <damage3025 at> wrote:

> The general question is, if the hardware vendor is not trying to
> support us, what should we do?
> One way is that we integrate many drivers, so most users would find
> their hardware works out of the box.
> Another way is that we provide better Docs/UI; so even average users
> can make their hardware work independently.
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