print-manager and plasma media centre

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at
Mon Aug 13 15:32:55 UTC 2012

On 11 July 2012 13:08, Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at> wrote:
> Please try out print-manager in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental for quantal now

This is now in New and I think we should try it for Beta 1 (I think we
should have a meeting between beta 1 and beta 2 to decide this and
other application selections).

print-manager is maintained while s-c-p-k is not well maintained (my
fault) but print-manager is a bit rough in places as a new

dantti here's what I've found that I think it'll need to be in 12.10:
-needs to be translated into various languages
-in Add New Printer it does not show a busy cursor while it is still
loading Other Network Printers or the list of printer drivers
-in Add New Printer it does not pre-select the recommended driver (s-c-p-k does)
-when I select share printers on the kcm it pops up an error dialogue
"Failed to get server settings" details: "No such file or directory"
probably others will be found when people use it, shall I open bugs?


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