Add hplip-gui to Kubunto ISO?

Tres Finocchiaro fatbuttlarry at
Mon Aug 13 14:07:43 UTC 2012

I read the article.  Next time please link the direct post you are talking
so we're not all reading through pages of misc rant.

I find this discussion particularly interesting.

Is "hplip" already part of the CD?  Is there any way to have it pop-up when
printing?  I would agree with the OP and say the suggestion to include "
hplip-gui" is completely valid if there's no other way to get the dialog to
pop up. I don't like the idea of a dedicated icon in the K-Menu just for
one manufacturer of printer though.  This could get messy fast.

My organization just replaced about 90 printers with 2 consolidated HP
printer models and the HP Universal Print Drivers (Windows workstations).

   1. In Harald's defense, custom printing features are usually obtained
   with custom software in the Windows world, so apt-get (or Software Center,
   Muon, etc) should be anyone's first place to look.

P.S. The thread "What does Kubuntu really need to take over the desktop?'
started off with some very inaccurate statistics, so I'm doing all I can
not to argue with those rather than the topic at hand.

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