KUbuntu and Muon Discover

Tres Finocchiaro fatbuttlarry at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 17:12:51 UTC 2012

> Here there's a video displaying what it does, in case you're just curious:
> http://proli.net/meu/netrunner/muon-installer-qml-8.ogv

Your video is very nice.  You may want to consider putting it
on YouTube for mobile viewers as well.

The interface seems to be very well thought-out. I'm a big fan of what
Ubuntu has provided for a software manager, and Muon seems to be similar in
a lot of ways.

Room for improvement:

   1. Search relevance:
   Kalgebra is a "featured" or "advertised" product, but when you search
   for "Math", you have to scroll down quite a bit to find it.

   2. Consistency in browsing:
   In one screen you get a nice thumbnail view (afer clicking on
   "Eductation"), however when you search for "Math", you get a different
   style list without thumbnails.

   3. Install experience:
   I didn't see a demo of using Muon for installing a downloaded .deb file
   (I use this a lot for VirtualBox) but in Linux Mint this breaks for
   VirtualBox upgrades.  This experience can make or break it for the REAL
   audience, since most people on this mailing list are comfortable with dpkg
   and apt-get.

Very fine work, and thanks for asking for feedback!


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