qyoto build deps on ppa

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Fri Sep 23 10:30:19 UTC 2011

Jonathan Raphael Joachim Kolberg <bulldog98 at gmx.de> wrote:

>Am Mittwoch, 21. September 2011, 23:31:19 schrieben Sie:
>> Hi bulldog,
>> i trying to build Qt interface of my comex-project in my ppa
>> https://launchpad.net/~armando-basile/+archive/testing
>> but i have this problem:
>> Missing build dependencies: libqyoto-cil-dev
>> https://launchpad.net/~armando-basile/+archive/testing/+build/2791336
>> i saw that you packages kdebindings
>> https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging
>> so could you include qyoto in your ppa so i can add reference to my
>ppa ?
>> bye
>> Armando
>Sorry but #C packaging is a pain and since we don’t have it in oneiric,
>won’t do that. Maybe an other dev wan’t to do that.


None of the current Kubuntu developers has the time or interest to maintain C# bindings, but if you're interested we can help out. None of us are mono packaging experts, but we know people that are.

Scott K

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