Please test: strigi 0.7.6

Achim Bohnet allee at
Wed Sep 21 09:47:54 UTC 2011

Current strigi 0.7.2 in oneiric is hopelessly buggy and Oneiric
urgently needs 0.7.6.  See comments

Fathi Boudra, thx a lot!, took the effort and created for oneiric 0.7.6
libstreams0 and libstreamanalyzer0 packages in


As with bluedevil before, please test and report back, here and or

My tests/experience so far:

I've tried the packages and with a newly created user there was only
a very low cpu and io usage shown in top and iotop.

No noticeable slowdown of the desktop during indexing.

For my taste there too much cryptic output written to ~/.xsession-error
but that was the case with 0.7.2 too.


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