Bluedevil 1.2 testing

Rafael Belmonte eaglescreen at
Mon Sep 12 12:52:24 UTC 2011

At least, I can copy files from computer to mobile phone, and from mobile
phone, to computer.
In Dolphin, if I enter to the phone icon, I see a new service called "Dial
Up Network", anyone know what is it for? if I click it, appears the dialog
to choose an application to open that file (like an unknown file in KDE).
By the moment I haven't got any other hardware with bluetooth.

2011/9/11 Harald Sitter <sitter at>

> On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 4:03 PM, Rafael Belmonte <eaglescreen at>
> wrote:
> > No bluedevil package in that PPA, testing the one in
> > ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental
> Argh! Darn you autocomplete...
><>is the actual
> PPA, the PPA URI was correct though.
> sry
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