State of desktop file translations

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Sep 12 12:44:21 UTC 2011

Felix Geyer <debfx at> wrote:

>On 12.09.2011 14:30, Harald Sitter wrote:
>> IIRC stripping is actually done by a fake package in the buildd which
>> will in an appropriate build environment (i.e. main archive buildd
>> target is either main or restricted) execute the stripping as part of
>> some other dh_foo script. So I am not entirely sure a prevention of
>> stripping would be all that trivial right now. If someone could look
>> into that...
>Afaik pkgstriptranslations (which is part of pkgbinarymangler) removes
>translations of desktop files if it has a Gettext-Domain key.
>So if we stopped adding that key it should leave the desktop files as
>they are.

Can someone check with pitti to make sure?

Scott K

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