Regarding MultiArch support for LibQApt/Muon

Rafael Belmonte eaglescreen at
Fri Sep 2 19:26:06 UTC 2011

Many packages appears twice in the muon list on amd64, I supose they are
different architectures available, but apparently, there is not any
information to the user to know the difference between the two packages.
For instance, if I want to install synaptic via muon, how do I know which
one is i386 and which is amd64?
Watch the attached screenshot.

2011/8/29 Harald Sitter <apachelogger at>

> On Friday 26 August 2011 00:40:47 Jonathan Thomas wrote:
> > I would very much like to hear anyone's ideas on both the plan for
> > going forward as well as opinions on the technical solutions for
> > providing multiarch support. I've CC'd both slangasek and mvo so that
> > they can bring their multiarch experience to the discussion.
> We just had a chat about this on IRC.
> Summary:
> - changing the name() functions does not make sense
> - the arch is a property of the package, not the name, so a new arch()
> function must be introduced for the QApt's Package class
> - to indicate the availability of multiarch a new function isMultiArch() or
> somesuch is necessary
> - the muon UI (that is the package manager incarnation) in 11.10 will
> simply
> display the host arch package, except for when there is none in which case
> it
> will use the available one (e.g. for flashplugin-download which is only
> i386)
> - same goes for the muon software center
> - to achieve this either libqapt throws all packages (all arches) at muon,
> and
> muon then gets to filter the sane ones out OR libqapt implements above
> mentioned policy directly (advantage of latter is that the API consumers do
> not need changes)
> - In the long term more flexible behavior is definitely desired, and a
> somewhat
> sane algorithm is outlined (unfortunately n*n for strcmp reasons to
> implement
> filtering).
> For more background info please check the #kubuntu-devel irc log from
> around
> 22 UTC.
> regards,
> Harald
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