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Tue Oct 18 01:35:13 UTC 2011

I had a SD card that I wanted to reformat. The only program installed with Kubuntu that can format such a card is KDE Partition Editor, which is beyond overkill for such a simple task. I still feel to this day that Microsoft makes one of the better reformat utility. However, someone from the Chakra Linux Project has made a similar reformat utility that is housed inside the Device Notifier. 

GUI wise it's just about perfect! The utility is accessed straight from the Device Notifier widget by clicking the "USB Format" option near the "Open with File Manager" and "Download Photos with Gwenview" options. It's a simple program. At the top of the GUI, one is given the ability to choose the device that is being formated (in traditional drive names). I feel that the ability to choose the device is redundant since to get to the utility you have to first click on a SD card or flash drive first. Although, as long as users who do not understand traditional drive names ignore the option, I'm sure they will be safe!

I tried using the tar on the KDE-Apps page and the option will not appear in the Device Notifier. So, I rebuilt from git and now it appears in the Device Notifier but the utility complains that "An error occurred while formatting". I don't know why, I followed all of the advice from its KDE-Apps page. While, I couldn't get it to work myself, I think it should be packaged (correctly!) for Kubuntu. I would think it will be useful for plenty of users.
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