UDS Considerations for Kubuntu

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Thu Oct 13 14:31:32 UTC 2011

Kubuntu has prided itself on being a distro that is close to it's primary 
upstream, KDE.  For those of you going to UDS this time, I'd ask you to 
consider if this is really the best view for our users.  

I consider Kmail2/Akonadi to be a disaster in 4.7.  I know it is working for 
some people, but there are a LOT of people having a lot of problems.  
Personally, I had sort of assumed that since this is the second major release 
for Kmail2, it would be generally usable.    

I've built modified kdepim/kdepim-runtime 4.4 packages for my own use.  If I'd 
known what the state of these packages would be in 4.7, I'd have recommended 
we stick with 4.4 through the LTS.  You might consider reverting even to 4.3 
since that version had a full KDE4 Kaddressbook for 12.04.  As it stands, I 
don't think we should have included pim 4.7 in the release (my fault) and you 
ought to consider reverting to a working version for the LTS.

Scott K

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