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Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Wed Nov 30 08:45:58 UTC 2011

2011/11/29 Aurélien Gâteau <aurelien.gateau at>:
> Hi all,
> Jonathan got in a car crash last week-end. Here is a forward of the mail
> Paul Sladen sent to our internal Canonical mailing-list.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Sujet: Jonathan Riddell
> Date : Mon, 28 Nov 2011 20:24:58 +0000
> De : Paul Sladen <sladen at>
> TL;DR: Jonathan Riddell is alive!  Although slightly concussed.  I've
> spoken to him on IRC then video+Skype and he's back at his flat now.
> (This is good).
> Jonathan appears to have been in a car crash at some point on Saturday
> (2011-11-26), probably in a supermarket car-park, possibly somewhere in
> the bit of France that is in the Caribbean (Guadeloupe).
> Calling his phone won't work for the moment; as the local Police have
> it, along with (presumably) the remaining three-quarters of the
> unfortunate car.  The car might have been a "Peugeot/Renault sort of
> thing" but he can't remember.  First thing he asked me was "heard
> anything of me?".
> The concussion/memory loss applies to various other things in the same
> timeframe too; and he's been ordered to keep one eye closed at all times
> to try and cure the double vision.  His parents and family are aware.
> From the video I could see that he's got bandages on the left side,
> which is apparently where the injuries were.  He got out of hospital
> sometime today (two days in), and seems to have woken up at somepoint on
> the Sunday (out for a day?).
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> I (aurelien again) had a brief mail exchange with Jonathan, he told me he
> was "a bit cross eyed and unclear about the world" but his dad is coming out
> to help him.
> Aurélien
> More details when I have them.  Email is probably the best for the
> moment (ASCII-art flowers?) as I'm not sure of a postal address that works:
>  Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at>
> Hopefully he'll be a bit more alert/responsive in a few days!  I
> certainly hope so and wish him the best!
>  -Paul
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Yikes! Thanks for telling us, Aurélien. My best wishes to you, Jon.
Please take it easy and let your brain heal. Head trauma is nothing to
mess around with.



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