Backup application review

Michal Zajac michal.zajac at
Mon May 30 12:40:46 UTC 2011

Fellow Developers,

As arranged on UDS I have performed a check-up on available backup
applications for our favourite KDE for inclusion on DVD. I have found two
applications which meet the following criteria:

   1. Must be KDE or Qt based
   2. Has to be maintained

Those two applications are:

   1. KBackup [1]
   2. BackInTime [2]

and they are both available in our repositories.

Based on superficial research carried out in mere 20 minutes I deem
BackInTime KDE superior to KBackup in almost every aspect. Both applications
have options to create backups but no matter when I looked I could not find
Restore option in KBackup. What is more, BackInTime allows you to browse
backups so you can restore only the files you want, it also displays any
other backup which contains the selected file and shows a diff beween them
(if possible ofc).

So far all test have been conducted on 1GB directory with mixed files
(images, binaries, audio files and videos) but very soon I will be forced to
copy my data to another HDD so I shall try them with about 900GB of data.

I invite each of you to give both of those applications a quick try and
report back with results and experiences using them. Should anyone find
another application which seems worthy of being our backup solution please
do tell me.



Best regards.

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