[Blueprint desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging] Kubuntu Packaging for Oneiric

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Mon May 16 15:20:15 UTC 2011

Blueprint changed by Scott Kitterman:

Whiteboard changed:
  * Wait and see what upstream does with the KDE tarballs
      - May have to split binary packages, may not have to do anything at all
  * Qt 4.8 will be out in a month or two
    - We want to ship the latest Qt, but KDE depends on 4.7...
    - Not a huge feature release, more of a patch release
    - Internals have changed, so regressions are still possible, but shouldn't be *too* likely.
    - Raster is the most tested and recommended graphicssystem, we should try enabling it by default again, please test with QtWebkit as well
        - Contact Samuel Roedal (sroedal) about raster bugs if found
    * KDE 4.7
  * Wait for Debian to upload 4.6.3 (KDE) and merge then move on to 4.7
- * KDEPIM 4.7
-   - KDE 4.7 requires Shared Desktop Ontologies 0.7.0
-   - S-D-O 0.7.0 will not work with KDEPIM 4.5
-   - We must upgrade to KDEPIM 4.7 in Oneiric, ready or not
+ * KDEPIM 4.6+
+   - KDE 4.7 requires Shared Desktop Ontologies 0.7.0
+   - S-D-O 0.7.0 will not work with KDEPIM 4.4
+   - We must upgrade to KDEPIM 4.6 or later in Oneiric, ready or not
  * GUFW not default in Ubuntu, so we don't need it in Kubuntu. (Was
  nominated under the false assumption that GUFW was default)
  * Touchegg
      - Default on mobile, tablet
      - If we have the space, put it on the CD. If not, have the option to install it
  * Backup
      - Evaluate backup options (KBackup? Back In Time? Quintasan to test?)
  * Telepathy
      - Not going to be ready in time
  * Gluon
      - Might need to use it as a dependency in the nearish future.
      - Not currently needed, nor ready.
      - We should package it so that we have it when we need it, no rush though.
      - Quintasan will package.
  Qt 4.7 patch review:
   - kubuntu_12_fix_stack_protector.diff -> goes upstream <--- need to go to webkit as wekk
   - kubuntu_15_appmenu.diff -> we want it upstream, problems with Macs ATM but Aurelien said he will be able to fix it once he get's a Mac
   - kubuntu_16_qt-designer...something - goes upstream as well <--- sent
   - kubuntu_17_enbale_qtwebkit_for_qtassistant.diff - keep it and propose upstream
   - kubuntu_18_fix_qtreeview_regression.diff - WENT UPSTREAM
  DONE - kubuntu_21_fix_phantom_cursor.diff - removed from BZR
   - kubuntu_22_thumb2_support.diff - ASK UPSTREAM (thiago?)
   - kubuntu_24_large_qtreeview.diff - check upstream
  DONE - kubuntu_26_dbusconnection_pointer.diff -  WENT UPSTREAM
   - kubuntu_29_egl_qglcontext_stubs.diff - GOES UPSTREAM <----- sent
  DONE - kubuntu_90_webkit_htmlxml_gb_gb18030_detect.diff - WENT UPSTREAM
  DONE - kubuntu_91_fix_qtextedit_selectall_crash.patch - WENT UPSTREAM
  network manager 0.9
   - need to check if it breaks kde-base-workspace integration
   - testing needed (kubuntu ppa?/neon) Afiestas to test.
   - 0.9 to go into archive.
   - if possible kdebase independant knm (if supported by upstream)
   Package NM 0.9 for testing, testing, testing and we maybe will put it.
  Work closer with the Debian KDE team
  - review our diff and send changes upstream
  - package KDE 4.7 in Debian first?
    + less duplication of work
    + less package diff that we need to resolve later
  - KCM Grub by default approach 2 - valid use case: select default boot os; danger: how easy is it to break shit?
  KCM GRUB - awaiting investigation, delegate JT -> we maybe will put on
  Kde Merging.
  Merge from debian sooner rather than later.
  If 4.6.3 is not uploaded soon, we will merge striaght from git.
  Patches to be considered for upstream merge (afiestas/apachelogger)
  Debian packaging changes to debian (merger person)
  Blink (Can has blink?)
  Jussi to discuss with debian developers because no one is interested.
  kamoso for DVD
   - Start process for main inclusion. (Quintasan)

Kubuntu Packaging for Oneiric

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