[Blueprint desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging] Kubuntu Packaging for Oneiric

Jonathan Thomas echidnaman at kubuntu.org
Mon May 16 13:52:44 UTC 2011

Blueprint changed by Jonathan Thomas:

Whiteboard set to:
* Wait and see what upstream does with the KDE tarballs
    - May have to split binary packages, may not have to do anything at all

* Qt 4.8 will be out in a month or two
  - We want to ship the latest Qt, but KDE depends on 4.7...
  - Not a huge feature release, more of a patch release
  - Internals have changed, so regressions are still possible, but shouldn't be *too* likely.
  - Raster is the most tested and recommended graphicssystem, we should try enabling it by default again, please test with QtWebkit as well
      - Contact Samuel Roedal (sroedal) about raster bugs if found
  * KDE 4.7

* Wait for Debian to upload 4.6.3 (KDE) and merge then move on to 4.7

  - Wait until it's released to decide-
  - Test in PPAs like we did last time

* GUFW not default in Ubuntu, so we don't need it in Kubuntu. (Was
nominated under the false assumption that GUFW was default)

* Touchegg
    - Default on mobile, tablet
    - If we have the space, put it on the CD. If not, have the option to install it

* Backup
    - Evaluate backup options (KBackup? Back In Time? Quintasan to test?)
* Telepathy
    - Not going to be ready in time

* Gluon
    - Might need to use it as a dependency in the nearish future.
    - Not currently needed, nor ready.
    - We should package it so that we have it when we need it, no rush though.
    - Quintasan will package.

Kubuntu Packaging for Oneiric

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