myriam expired from team

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Sun May 15 08:56:40 UTC 2011

On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 7:43 AM, Mackenzie Morgan <macoafi at> wrote:
>> That said, if we should have to re-interview I'd like to specify the
>> proper procedure for this in the same meeting. Maybe someone could ask
>> how other councils handle this?
> For Ubuntu Member, we'd just the button to reactivate them, I think.
> I saw someone do it for sabdfl's expiration the other day :P
> I believe Dan Chen's reactivation in ~core-dev was also interview-less.

Not particularly well defined rules then :P

I'd imagine something like:
* if reactivation request arrives within a 2 week window -> reactivate
* else reinterview

This does not help when someone misreads the mail (quite frankly IIRC
there are *multiple* mails, so that is a bit of a special case
anyway). It however prevents us from reactivating membership of people
who are no longer actual members of the community for reasons without

I feel the 2 weeks rule is simple enough and yet efficient enough to
not introduce overhead or anything.

Also, should someone think that the 2 week window can also be abused -
yes - but as generally the council can take appropriate steps in such
cases, i do not think it is much of a problem. The 2 week window
essentially just enables one single council member to take action
without having to consult a quorumish amount of other council members


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