quickaccess widget - please adjust to KDE 4.6 (code available)

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Fri Mar 25 19:26:34 UTC 2011

> What's not 4.5 compatible about it? I use it regularly on Maverick without issue with 4.5.
> Scott K

It is ok when you use it in a panel that's not slightly higher than 32x32. When you drag the panel higher, the quickaccess widget icon stays at size 32x32 (that was the "normal" behaviour of widget icons in the panel before KDE SC 4.5). But when you use a higher panel because you are very much shortsighted, have other viewing problems or simply like a huge panel, then you end up with a tiny 32x32 quickaccess icon "floating" in the big panel whereas all other icons are bigger. I have a panel with icons in size 64x64, my friend has a panel with icons in size 80x80 and my father even uses a panel with icons ins size 128x128. The tiny quickaccess icon looks odd among the other big icons and is hard to see and to use.

Since KDE 4.5 you can set the maximum icon size for the panel in systemsettings. But the widgets need a special code snippet to be capable of following that setting. 

Did you try to drag your panel height to e.g. 128x128 and set the panel icons size in systemsettings accordingly? You'll see, the quickaccess widget will stay at tiny 32x32. Also will the widgets for trash, show desktop and show dashboard given you have them in the panel. That is fixed by the KDE devs since 4.6, so the only widget icon missing this functionality is the quickaccess widget. 

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