The KMix Identity

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Fri Jun 24 10:18:28 UTC 2011


At UDS we briefly discussed the future of our mixing app. Consensus
was that KMix is not as awesome as it could/should be but generally
everything else is also not terribly amazing either. Shortly after
that I attended the KDEMM sprint in Randa, CH and here be what I know
of the future of kmix:

a) PA support is being improved (by coling)
b) general UI is being improved (by cesken)
c) same goes for overall architecture which was already started last year
d) SoundMenu spec/concept/design is going to get implemented

I believe especially the last point is of general interest. Currently
it looks a bit uggly [1] however working. Two plasma developers are
going to turn it into a beauty once Christian finished the underlying

This will definitely not arrive in KDE 4.7 but hopefully 4.8. A
backport seems like a dangerous idea considering the fact that KMix is
running on every setup and it would be immature at any rate.

That said, I am biased so all and every statement WRT KDEMM should be
considered an upstream POV, meaning I might not be judging in the best
interest of Kubuntu here :)



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