Fwd: I would like to report on an on going problem with k3b

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
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Subject: I would like to report on an on going problem with k3b
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The kubu-devel at lists.ubuntu.com is not open to non-members. I understand. But, 
there is a long-standing problem with k3b and the package normalize-audio that 
continues, to this day, to remain unresolved.

There are bug reports on this problem that go back years, and even recent reports 
sill complain about the problem. The cause of the problem has apparently been 
identified by several 'normal' k3b users, and simple shell scripts written to 
overcome the program code problem in k3b. I would simply like to bring some of 
this information to the attention of the members maintaining k3b, with the hope 
that they will finally fix the code in k3b and finally put this issue to rest.

Thank you.
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