[Merge] lp:~benste/kdeedu/bugfix-lp-698056 into lp:~kubuntu-members/kdeedu/ubuntu

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Thu Jan 6 17:39:53 UTC 2011

Review: Approve
As supsected in the bug report the change was not all that right, in fact Parley's scripting thingy uses kross which can be either krosspython or krossruby, the package now recommends both. Additionally the default scripts use pykde rather than pyqt, fixed that too.

Anyhow, there is cool things to be learned from this:
Since Parley still works without the python magic, depends is not the appropriate relation, but recommends is. The reason for this is that someone might want to install without the python packages and could still use Parley quite normal (well, except for the error), however for the average user recommends will just like depends install the packages and thus provide a good user experience :)
Recommends is a weaker relationship than depends, and for optional scripting capabilities usually recommends is what ought to be used (depends on the particular case at hand of course).
Your team Kubuntu Members is subscribed to branch lp:~kubuntu-members/kdeedu/ubuntu.

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