Extra conflicts for marble-data, marble-plugins

Andrew Coles andrew.i.coles at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 29 22:46:30 UTC 2011


The marble-data and marble-plugins packages from KDE 4.6 are incompatible
with libmarblewidget10 (the version from KDE 4.5).  Currently, it's possible
to have them installed alongside libmarblewidget.so.10, but any application
using the widget will crash upon attempting to initialise it (I found out
about the problem by people finding their self-compiled versions of digikam
crash on loading after upgrading to 4.6).  I've checked with Dennis
Nienhüser - one of the Marble devs - and he confirms that there's no way the
two could work together.

So, please could someone add libmarblewidget10 as a conflict with
marble-data and marble-plugins >= 4.6, and push updated packages to the
backports PPA?


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