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Fri Jan 21 08:13:31 UTC 2011

1. Why do we have them? I think it is because they maintain correct
versioning of newer versions of shared libraries which are used by binaries
that use them on run-time
2. Why it's worth to update them? Normally when library removes something
which makes packages depending on the older version break upstream should
bump the SOVERSION and we would bump the name of the package. The symbols
files are maintaining correct versioning of shared libraries which are used
by binaries on run-time (so if they add something new, there are usually no
problems with the old packages). I think if for some wierd reason upstream
doesn't bump the soversion we would know it's binary backwards incompatible
already at the packaging stage
3. How to update? From my experience each time there were any changes to the
symbols files I got a diff spewd out by dpkg-gensymbols which had to be
applied to appropriate *.symbols file in packaging directory (debian/)
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