Session startup; kdm's Xsession, X11's Xsession and startkde

Thomas Olsen tanghus at
Wed Jan 12 21:08:36 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 12 January 2011 19:50:12 Zorael wrote:
> Hello all,
> (First of all, apologies if this is already fixed in natty. This is on
> a maverick system with 4.5.95 packages from the beta ppa.)
> Since 4.5.85, scripts in /etc/X11/Xsession.d are no longer sourced by
> /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsession. This means tidbits like 80kubuntu-xmodmap for
> automatic ~/.Xmodmap execution, 80im-switch for easy input method
> management and others aren't factored in on session startup.

That would be this bug report:

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