K3b 2.0.2 bugfix release (resolves HAL problems) to be released soon

Markus Slopianka markus.s at kdemail.net
Sun Jan 9 01:41:04 UTC 2011

Since you guys are going to release new versions of your distributions in the coming 
months, I'd like to inform you that Michal Malek will release a new version soon -- 
probably next week.
It'll fix the HAL problems when running K3b on Platform 4.6 by introducing a compile-time 
CMake parameter to disable HAL (K3B_ENABLE_HAL_SUPPORT=OFF).
Please include that version with your distro releases. It's a bugfix release, adding no 
new features, hence it does not violate any feature freeze which might be in effect for 
your distribution.

Bye, Markus

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