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Hello everyone, 
let´s first introduce myself. I am Glenn de Groot, I have been using and following the *buntu projects for 2.5 years now. I noticed Kubuntu is 699 MB large, so I started a little investigation. I read some other mails about this kind of subject so I am sending my "results" now.
-I found out Amarok uses a whopping 32.6 MB. I looked for alternatives and found the very nice and simple Juk music player, which uses only 1.6 MB. This would save 34.4 MB, uncompressed. - Kate uses 10.5 MB, Kate is a very advanced programmers editor so that was expected. A move to the simple Kwrite text editor (uses about 330 KB) would save 10.2 uncompressed MB.-We now have Muon which makes installing apps very easy, I believe we can get rid of the kubuntu-firefox-installer.-A switch from Libreoffice to Koffice/Calligra would save about 140 uncompressed MB.
All the things I found together would save 185 uncompressed MB.Now my found things are only ideas, I do believe a clean up is necessary.We could make the iso larger, but that would be just avoiding the problem instead of fixing it. 
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