R: Re: [kubuntu-devel] RFC: Switch to Firefox and a 1.5 GB image

LucaTringali TRINGALINVENT at libero.it
Mon Dec 12 18:55:08 UTC 2011

Personally, I don't like religious wars between KDE/GTK software. The 
"fragmentation" is one of the biggest problems, for me, of the FOSS world. This 
means that wonderful forces are practically wasted creating three similar 
programs working quite good, instead of creating only one that works very good.
Some KDE programs are wonderful, never found anything better. But some of them 
are not really good: one of these is Rekonq. Using only KDE software on Kubuntu 
means it will became a distribution for "nerds" (it is not intended in an 
offensive way). I think that, if we want Kubuntu to be a real alternative for 
proprietary systems, we need to help the users that actually use Windows or 
MacOS to join our platform. The main way to do this is to let them use the 
maximum possible number of programs they already use. Actually, Firefox is used 
by the 40% of the total users, Rekonq by less then 1%. What does this tell to 
you? Plus, remember that a Windows user or a MacOs user probably use Firefox, 
but he sure does not use Rekonq. Having the same applications they used to work 
with on GNU/Linux systems is the main request I get by the people I "drive" to 

Luca Tringali

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>Ogg: Re: [kubuntu-devel] RFC: Switch to Firefox and a 1.5 GB image
>On 12.12.2011 17:55, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
>> With Firefox not shipping KDE integration the larger image option may
>> be less popular now.  It might well come to a Kubuntu Council vote in
>> the end though.
>I had a quick chat with jdstrand about the security of rekonq and
>There doesn't seem to be much security support from upstream
>and there hasn't been a single security update of QtWebkit in
>Ubuntu since rekonq is our default browser (maverick).
>So this is already a big problem and is going to get much worse with
>the LTS.
>I don't see how we can support a browser with QtWebkit for 5
>years since we basically already have failed to do so in past
>non-LTS releases.
>Even though Firefox will probably have a poor KDE integration
>again I think it's the only viable option.
>This however means that we shouldn't even ship rekonq on the
>CD. That's going to be a challenge since the current precise image
>is oversized and doesn't contain any language packs.
>As a last resort we could switch to a 750 MB image.
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