Strigi by default?

Clay Weber claydoh at
Thu Aug 11 00:22:13 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, August 10, 2011 03:48:19 PM Steven Sroka wrote:
> >On 10 August 2011 11:47, Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at> wrote:
> > I've had Nepomuk's Strigi integration for a while and it has the
> > pleasing feature of not getting in my way with excessive hard disk
> > usage.  I find it occationally useful when searching for documents on
> > my hard disk.  Dolphin now has nice integration for search.  It takes
> > up less than 1GB of disk space for my 100GB of total usage.  openSuse
> > has it on by default now after some releases without.  Is it time to
> > turn it on by default in Kubuntu?
> A plus for enabling Strigi by default:
> A lot of the nasty bugs, like high CPU usage, have gone away in 4.7
> (or even late 4.6). It is very stable now.
> Steve
> > Jonathan
> > 

I have to concur, even though it is not nice with my ancient 8 year old 
laptop, though I have not installed KDE 4.7 on it yet. it is much better on my 
2008 laptop. More testing may be needed if there. are enough old-timey 
hardware out there still, but those of us with such systems are usually well 
aware of the limitations.

Turn it on!!
Clay Weber 

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