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LucaTringali TRINGALINVENT at libero.it
Tue Apr 12 18:33:58 UTC 2011

I could try to make it work, but I have not too much time, so I may need some 
months to release something usable.

Luca Tringali

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>On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 1:49 PM, LucaTringali <TRINGALINVENT at libero.it> 
>> Hello everybody,
>> I just wanted to know what's the status of ubuntuone-kde client... I wasn't
>> able to find a working version: no deb packages, no sources. How is its
>> development going?
>Don't believe anyone's picked it back up since GSoC ended last year.
>Do you want to?
>Mackenzie Morgan
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