kubuntu.org -> wiki: - wiki should be for anything, including support - Too many intermediate links, bad website design, Fix would be great. :) ; jor

Clay Weber claydoh at midmaine.com
Sun Sep 26 04:06:10 BST 2010

On Saturday, September 25, 2010 09:10:25 pm giovanni_re wrote:
> Ofir - thanks for your input. :)
> On Sat, 25 Sep 2010 23:26:33 +0200, "Ofir Klinger"
> <klinger.ofir at gmail.com> said:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > In my opinion, the wiki itself shouldn't be used for support and/or help.
> > Instead, http://help.ubuntu.com/ should be used for this purpose.

+1 it is much easier to find information there as the content is less broad. 
And it even has Kubuntu-specific info and pages.

> My belief is that the world would be much better if
> 1) there was a kubuntu wiki,
> 2) which was used for whatever any KUbuntu community member wished to
> use if for, relative to kubuntu.

Then it becomes just like the current wiki in the long run, in terms of 
content and cumbersomeness. It already is open to anyone.

A kubuntu-specific wiki (or wikis even) would definitely be super nice, but begs 
the following:

Who gets the job of maintaining it, and encouraging others in the community to 
How do we go about setting up 1 or 2 new wikis (ie who do we need to ask for 
this? Would they allow or OK it?)
What do we want the layout to be like? 
This all has to be considered and discussed, a blueprint and a plan put into 
place in the wiki and launchpad, etc.

Are you willing to lend a hand in this, other than just telling the the 
Kubuntu community (mostly volunteers)  and the website developer (also 
volunteer, iirc) more or less how to do their jobs?

I am willing, but I would need some hand-holding depending on the task or 

> And that is about all the "rules" or "requirements" there should be for
> the wiki,
> other than the standard ubuntu code of conduct.
> Anything else lowers the total value of the kubuntu community.
> Putting in some requirement such as you've suggested,
> "the wiki itself shouldn't be used for support and/or help",
> only dumbs down the KUbuntu community,
> to something below what the maximum potential of what the kubuntu
> community could achieve.
> ==
> Ofir:
> I request you please rethink your position in light of that information,
> & please let us know here on this list if you can see the importance,
> value & truth in those above points.
> Thanks, Ofir, & best wishes to all.  :)
> > I don't think the wiki should be linked from the top menu, since it
> > doesn't
> > have a clear purpose.
> Ofir - any wiki has a clear purpose: to be a wiki.
> No wiki needs any "clear purpose" other than to be a wiki, for any
> particular topic, such as, in this case, to be a wiki for the KUbuntu
> community.
> > New users will get confused from
> > the wiki, and I think it is better for them to read the information in
> > the
> > website.
> Ofir, I hope you don't really think that.
> That implies a horribly low estimation for the new KUbuntu user's
> intelligence.

No it doesn't. wikis get cumbersome and unwieldy and hard to find what you 
want. (Wasn't that one reason for help.ubuntu.com to be separate from the main 

Take your original experiment, and have your group find something specific on 
any wiki out there - how many clicks does *that* take?

> Ofir, I hope you really don't think new KUbuntu users are that stupid.
> I certainly think they are surely intelligent enough to not get confused
> by a wiki.

I am confused by them all the time - and not just when editing pages. 
Confusion is not the same as stupidity, at least I hope so in my case :)


> After all, they are smart enough to be interested in _K_Ubuntu.  :)
> > Ofir
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