Kubuntu Product Backlog

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Fri Oct 29 07:47:37 BST 2010

"Alessandro Ghersi" <alessandro-ghersi at kubuntu.org> wrote:

>2010/10/29 Roman Shtylman <shtylman at gmail.com>
>> In agile software development land
>this type of page can be referred to as a product backlog.
>This is basically a giant TODO list that is independent of any release
>> contains items that are decided by the product owner (Riddell I
>> suppose :p ).
>Since you wrote "suppose" I'd like to explain :)
>Riddell is a developer payed by Canonical.
>Canonical is the commercial sponsor for Kubuntu.
>Kubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd
>More important, Kubuntu is a community developed project.
>Who make decisions is the Kubuntu Council.
>Someone correct me if I wrong.

This is correct. I would like to make clear though that being a Canonical employee doesn't exclude someone from being part of the community.

Scott K

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